AMA Executive Vice President Candidate | Vote for Randy Cameron - AMA Executive Vice President Candidate
Elect an AMA Executive Vice President that truly supports your community!
Randy Cameron, AMA Executive Vice President Candidate
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AMA Executive Vice President Candidate

Randy Cameron

Elect an AMA EVP that works for you!

I Deliver Results


Visited Congress with other AMA officers to protect Model Aviation.


Diligently works various areas including all AMA Special Interest Groups, club Flying Site Assistance, and IAC Development.


Demonstrated experience working with relevant government officials and understanding of the impact of regulation on model aviation.


Provides a positive campaign position with realistic goals backed by previous results.

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The community knows best

Ready to vote for me?

Here’s how to cast your vote

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Watch your mailbox for the AMA election ballot that has been mailed you.

Complete your ballot

Fill out your ballet by voting for Randy Cameron!

Return ballot by mail

Mail your ballot back to the AMA, election ballot MUST be postmarked no later than Novermber 9, 2017. After that you just wait… and celebrate when I become our new EVP!

Welcome to my personal presentation

The experienced industry expert

I’ve been an AMA member for over 30 years and an AMA volunteer for 18 years. I served as the District VI contest coordinator for nine years, an Associate Vice President for five years, and lately as the District VI Vice President for the last five years. While serving on the Executive Council I’ve focused on listening to and acting on behalf of all AMA members. I’ve held about every club officer position in multiple clubs over the past 35 plus years, while in the military and in civilian life.

These are some of the programs I would like to see improved or implemented within AMA.

I need your support to make it possible

  • Youth Education and STEM programs, we are doing a good job now, but need a much reach out much further than we currently do.
  • We need to accept new technologies that youth and younger people are interested in, without doing this, I feel the Academy will eventually falter.
  • Our government outreach has done very well to date, but it is a fight keeping up with it all. Government and public relations both need to be shored up and grown to be able to support our increasing future needs.
  • We need to work on establishing permanent, regional flying sites, owned and operated by local clubs. This needs to be done with flying site acquisition grants, and loan programs.

Have any questions for me?

Reach out and lets talk today!

I feel together we can make the Academy of Model Aeronautics a much stronger and better organization. Thank you for your vote.

The AMA elections are underway

Elect an AMA Executive Vice President that truly supports your community!